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Salary and Pension Increase in Budget 2022-2023

Daily Dunya on 29-05-2022 has published news regarding salary increase in Pakistan’s budget 2022-23. The federal government is presenting the annual budget for 2022-2023 on June 10, 2022. At this time, we have not received any news from any credible source regarding the increase in salaries and allowances, and pensions of the employees. However, according to Dunya newspaper, the details of salary increase in the forthcoming budget are as follows.

Check Online Expected Salary Increase Budget 2022-2023

According to a report in Daily Dunya, it is proposed not to increase the salaries of federal government employees. However, allies of the government and other ministries have proposed a 10-20% increase in employees’ salaries. The government plans not to increase salaries until the final proposal of the Pay and Pension Committee. When the government receives the recommendations of the salary and pension committee, the government will increase the salaries of the employees. However, the coalition government and ministries will propose to increase salaries and pensions from 10% to 20% in view of inflation.

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The Salary and Pension Committee will submit its recommendations by June 30, 2022. Employees have the potential for a service structure and the salary and pension proposal will be implemented in the 2023-2024 budget. The commission has asked the government to complete its work by June 30, 2022.

This is news only and we cannot say that it is a final proposal or authoritative source of news. The government will finalize the budget for 2022-23. However, before the budget, they enjoy the news of salary increases.

Basic Pay Scales of Govt. Servants

Basic Pay scales-2017




9,130 290


2 9,310 330 19,210
3 9,610 390 21,310
4 9,900 440 23,100
5 10,260 500 25,260
6 10,620 560 27,420
7 10,990 610 29,290
8 11,380 670 31,480
9 11,770 730 33,670
10 12,160 800 36,160
11 12,570 880 38,970
12 13,320 960 42,120
13 14,260 1,050 45,760
14 15,180 1,170 50,280
15 16,120 1,330 56,020
16 18,910 1,520 64,510
17 30,370 2,300 76,370
18 38,350 2,870 95,750
19 59,210 3,050 120,210
20 69,090 4,510 132,230
21 76,720 5,000 146,720
22 82,380 5,870


The Pay and Pension Committee has formed almost two years ago. The government issued revised TORs of the Pay and Pension Commission in 2021. Several times its president resigned. His intelligence changed many times. The commission has repeatedly asked for an extension in the time of the final report. But so far, the commission has not reached its final conclusion on closing the pay gap.

Expected Salary & Pension Increase in Upcoming Budget 2022-2023

The latest update is that the Salary and Pension Commission’s time limit recommendations have been approved by June 30, 2022. Can the government review pay scales without the recommendations of the commission? This is an important question. In my opinion, the government should review the pay scales in the budget and increase pensions instead of waiting for the recommendations of the commission. 

Check Online Expected Salary Increase Budget 2022-2023

The Government of Pakistan, Finance Department will announce the next Budget 2022-23, the date of which will be presented on June 10, 2022. The Pay and Pensions Commission has submitted its report to the Ministry of Finance and the government has decided to increase the salaries of public sector employees to reduce the disparity.

Within the bureaucracy, such as public sector employees working in the Prime Minister’s and President’s Secretariat, the NAB, FBR, FIA, and judiciary are receiving double pay but other employees are facing difficulties. The government can increase the available budget by 15 to 20 percent depending on the available resources.

Latest News Regarding Salary Increase in Budget 2022-2023 in Pakistan

Employees and pensioners are no longer in a position to wait for salaries and pension commissions. He is already considering increasing the convention allowance in the budget and revising the pay scale. They are most affected by inflation. Everyone in the country has adapted to inflation.

Due to inflation, producers have increased the prices of their products. The middle man and others have also added to their allegations. In short, everyone has taken care of themselves. How can an employee increase his own salary? They just wait for the budget and expect the government to do something for them. In the current situation, employees want immediate relief, otherwise, their lives will be in more trouble.

The latest news regarding salary increase in budget 2022-23 has been published by the local newspaper. The federal government is going to present the annual budget for 2022-2023 on 10-05 2022. We have not received any news from any credible source regarding the increase in salaries and allowances and pensions of the employees. However, the Govt. employees can check the online salary increase chart for budget 2022-23 available on this page.

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