Germany with DAAD Winter Courses

Boost Your Skills and Experience in Germany with DAAD Winter Courses

Looking to enhance your resume and gain valuable international experience? Consider applying for the DAAD Winter Courses program in Germany! This scholarship opportunity offers students, graduates, and doctoral candidates the chance to attend intensive language and regional studies courses at German universities for up to six weeks.

Deepen Your German Language Skills:

The DAAD Winter Courses focus on improving your German language proficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, these immersive programs provide a fantastic environment to learn and practice the language.

Explore German Culture and Regional Studies:

Beyond language learning, the program delves into German culture and regional studies. Gain insights into German history, society, and traditions, enriching your understanding of the country.

Benefits to Seize:

  • Financial Support: The DAAD scholarship covers a significant portion of your expenses. You’ll receive a one-time stipend of €2,151, along with a travel allowance and health insurance.
  • Academic and Cultural Immersion: Experience a unique blend of academic rigor and cultural exploration. The program offers the chance to connect with fellow international students and broaden your horizons.

Eligibility and Application Process:

  • Meet the Requirements: To be eligible, you must be an undergraduate student with at least two years of completed studies, a doctoral candidate, or in your final year of a postgraduate program with plans to continue your studies shortly after.
  • Prepare Your Application: A strong application package is crucial. You’ll need to submit a compelling letter of motivation outlining your reasons for participating, an updated resume, academic transcripts, and complete the online application through the DAAD portal.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity:

The DAAD Winter Courses program presents an exceptional opportunity to develop your German language skills, delve into German culture, and gain valuable international experience. Check the DAAD course finder to see if a program aligns with your interests and start preparing your application today!

Important Note:

The application deadline for the Winter Courses 2024 has already passed (August 15, 2023). Be sure to check the DAAD website for upcoming deadlines and program details for future scholarship cycles.

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