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PBS Digital Census Self-Enumeration Portal 2023

Government of Pakistan Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Syed Aminul Haque inaugurated the self enumeration pbs census 2023, the self-enumeration portal of the 7th Population and Housing Census 2023, as PBS is going to conduct Pakistan’s first digital population and housing census.

According to a press release, the event was attended by stakeholders, provincial officials, demographers, and senior officers of Pakistan Bureau Statistics. The upcoming Digital 7th Population and Housing Census is a paradigm shift towards digitization. Self-enumeration is the innovation and convenience that this digital census has brought to Pakistan’s statistical system. It is easy to enter household information through the PBS Self-enumeration portal 2023 or the self-enumeration portal Pakistan.

How to Apply for Self-Enumeration Portal 7th Population Census 2023

After completing this, Pakistan will become the first country in South Asia to provide the self-enumeration facility,” Chief Census Commissioner Dr. Naeem Al Zafar appreciated the participants of the event. He further informed that geo-tagging, tablet Systematic data collection, real-time monitoring, complaint management system, and computer-assisted telephonic interviews for quality assurance will add credibility, reliability, and transparency to the entire process. They worked day and night to achieve this milestone. Appreciate the efforts of PBS and the collaborating partners.

How to do PBS Self Numeration Portal

NADRA Chairman Mr. Tariq Malik appreciated the efforts of the NADRA team to follow the timelines. 126,000 devices were produced and distributed on a war footing within a short period of time. Digital Census is critical to the economy and democracy. Self Numeration Portal 2023 will start on 20th February 2023 and will continue till 03rd March 2023. You can apply for Digital Population & Housing Census 2023

Holding of Digital Population & Housing Census 2023

Syed Aminul Haque M/o IT appreciated PBS and stakeholders (NADRA, SPARCO, Provincial Governments, Armed Forces, and NTC) for achieving the major milestone of self-enumeration. He added that it is satisfactory that we have arrived at a system that can collect the number of persons in Pakistan in a transparent and reliable manner.

However, the self-enumeration portal is only the beginning of the census data collection process. He expressed hope that as all institutions are working towards this goal, the results will be provided in due time.

The official census song “Tum Se Hai Tuhar Kal” was also performed at the function. In an effort to engage audiences online on social media, PBS collaborated with MindMap Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Bajau, one of the fastest-growing music streaming services in Pakistan, to organize an online song contest using the slogan Tum Hi Se Hai Tuhar Kal Kal.

Online listeners were encouraged to use the slogan and send in their song entries. The winner of the contest was the song that received the most votes on Bajao’s music app. The launch of the self-enumeration portal marks the beginning of the implementation of the paradigm shift towards digitization that PBS planned to achieve through this digital census.

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