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PM Scooty Scheme 2022 Punjab Government

PM Scooty Scheme Punjab Government 2022, the Punjab Government has decided to provide electronic Scotties in the Punjab province. The Pilot Project Scooty Scheme is for Punjab Government female employees and female students. They will get Scooties in easy installments from the government. The Punjab Chief Minister has launched a scheme for women in Sargodha, Multan, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

Apply Online for PM Scooty Scheme 2022 Pilot Project

For the first time, the Punjab government is offering Scooty Scheme for women. The Bank Punjab will provide loan purchase Scooty in installments. University and college students can get electronic scooty from these cities. In this article, we are highlighting the key features of the Pilot Project Scotty Scheme Punjab 2022.

Online Apply for Punjab Government Scooty Scheme 2022

The Punjab government plans to reduce petrol and fuel costs. Oil prices are rising day by day. Female servants and students in particular are struggling to make ends meet. The Punjab government plans to provide Scotties for female students and employees. The candidates are advised to apply online Bank of Punjab Scooty Scheme 2022 from here.

The present government has successfully completed several mega projects. Now the Punjab government wants to start another scheme called CM Punjab Government Scooty Scheme 2022. This scheme is for women of Punjab only. The government will pay interest for the Punjab Female Scooty scheme 2022 and provide interest-free loans. Beneficiaries who buy Punk Scooty will get easy two-year installments.

Punjab Government Pink Scooty Scheme 2022

The Punjab Government and the Bank of Punjab have agreed to provide interest-free loans to Scotties. Bank of Punjab has launched a portal where women can apply for the Government Scooty Scheme 2022. Remember that applicants will have to provide some affidavits. Bank of Punjab Pink Electronic Scheme has been launched by the Punjab Chief Minister’s Government.

In Pakistan, Pink Scotty Scheme 2022 will be functional in major cities of Punjab. The government wants to expand the scale of the Pink Scooty scheme 2022 in Pakistan. Soon women from other cities in Punjab will also be able to get Scotties. They will be able to apply for the Pink Scotty Scheme application form in Pakistan through the official website of the Bank of Punjab. Students will have to show affidavits of guarantee and permission along with the application form.

Pink Scooty Scheme for Female Sarvents in Lahore Division

The vision of the Punjab government is to provide electric scooters to female students and employees. Female teachers in particular will have significant benefits to save on their transportation costs. They will not have to spend their salaries on rent. The Punjab government will provide scooters on merit after a thorough investigation. Initially, a Chinese auto manufacturing company won the bid to supply 50c Dream Honda electric Scotties. He has decided to color the Scooty pink. Women cannot buy Scooty for commercial purposes.

Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz is currently distributing electric Scooty to female teachers in schools, colleges, and universities in Punjab. Punjab Government Pink Scooty Scheme 2022 – Pinky Scooty Scheme has been made public by the Punjab Government, especially for girls.

Bank of Punjab Scooty Scheme 2022 Application Form

The reason behind this is that the government is aware of the fact that the majority of students do not have vehicles or live far enough away from college or university to drive to campus at any time. The purpose of the Scooty program is to train girls to become able to drive the scooties when they meet the eligibility criteria.

Following the Green Taxi Scheme, the government launched another Scotty Scheme initiative. Bank of Punjab will provide facilities in PM Scooty scheme. Female students need to get permission from their parents/guardians to get a Scooty. A Chinese manufacturing company has agreed to provide 50c electric scooters at Rs. 80000 / -. The Bank of Punjab will soon open the PM Scooty Scheme online application process for this scheme.

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