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Check Pay Scale Revised in Budget 2022-2023 Grade 01 to 20

The latest update on the pay scale revised in Budget 2022 has been acknowledged and all allowances such as house rent, transport, and medical allowances may be increased by the Government of Pakistan for Govt. Servants in the Federal and Provincial Annual Budget 2022-23. The Budget 2022-23 will be announced by the government on 10th June 2022. The employees can check the online Pay Scale Revised Chart 2022 available on this page.

Check Online Pay Scale Revised Chat in Budget 2022-2023

According to Dunya News, a report has been published regarding the revision of the pay scale in Financial Budget 2022-23. The revision of the scale was a huge request of Pakistani government employees who made various recommendations to be incorporated into the budget of the economy Year 2022-23.

Pay Scale-Revised and Increase Salaries in Budget 2022-23 Chat

The media and newspapers are prescribed in detail that the pay scales of government employees will be revised. The increase in the salaries of government employees may also be a cause for concern as the budget 2022-23 provides resources to meet the revenue growth of government employees.

The pay scale revised in the budget 2022-23 also increases the various allowances of government employees which may increase the salaries of people in all government departments which is expected in this budget 2022-23.

Consideration is also being given to increasing the pensions of retired government employees. All the old pensioners are also benefiting from the budget for this financial year and the National Assembly is also going to prepare the pensioner’s Budget 2022-23. You can see full details of the Punjab Budget 2022-23 on this web page at

Pay Scale Revised BPS-01 to BPS-202 in Budget 2022-23

Everyone living in Pakistan and working as a government employee is expecting a salary increase in the budget 2022-23? There is no doubt that the current situation in our country is deteriorating day by day due to the spread of the epidemic Coronavirus. The question that arises in our minds is whether it is appropriate to demand an increase in our salaries in the current state of Corona?

The Finance Minister has announced a 25 percent increase in the salaries of government employees which was proposed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The government said that this budget for 2022 could also be integrated into the Adhoc relief for government employees in Pakistan from 2017 to 2019.

Budget 2022-23 proposes the suggestion of a 5% Adhoc relief allowance in salaries and pensions. In the federal budget 2022-23, only a 5% increase in salaries and pensions for government employees and pensioners. Inflation has already risen to 20.4% and a 5% increase is not a good solution if the government wants to control the future inflation rate.

Budget Proposal of tax on salaried persons. IMF is demanding a 30% tax on salaried persons earning between Rs. 104,000 / – to Rs. 1 million per month. This means that people who are earning Rs. 104,000 / – will earn Rs. 70,000 / – per month after 22-06-22. If the budget approves this proposal. Currently, those earning Rs 4.1 million a month are taxed at 30 percent. The IMF is also demanding a 20% tax on those earning less than 104,000. The government servants can check the online Pay Scale-Revised in Budget 2022-23.

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