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Mohsin Biag’s Physical Remand Extended For 03 Days by Anti Terrorism Court

Mohsin Baig’s Physical remand has been extended by the Anti Terrorism Court Islamabad and handed over to the police for more than 03 days for further investigation. Senior Journalist Mohsin Baig was produced before anti-terrorism court judge Muhammad Ali Warraich after his physical remand ended.

During the hearing Mohsin Baig’s Lawyer Mr. Latif Khosa said that we request you to look at 21 (one)(D). The accused’s lawyer told the court that a case was registered against his client at 09:00 am and during the raid on his house at 09:15 am.

Anti Terrorism Court has Extended the Remand of Mohsin Baig

He said that the investigation was carried out on 16th February 2022, the case was registered on the same day and the FIA team reached Islamabad. The accused’s Lawyer, while reading out the contents of the case registered in the Cyber Crime Cell, said that it should not contain a repeal of the Pika Act.

On this occasion, the police also presented pictures of the incident in the court in which Mohsin Baig a pistol in his hand. Police requested the court to further extend the physical remand on the discovery of the pistol. The court reserved its decision on the request for physical remand of the police.

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Police requested the court to further extend the physical remand on the discovery of the pistol. The court reserved its decision on the request for physical remand of the police. In the subsequent verdict, the physical remand of accused Mohsin Baig was extended for another 03 days.

Request Before Court To Get Medical Report

Another petition was filed in the anti-terrorism court by the accused’s lawyer Latif Khosa to get the medical report of Mohsin Baig. The petition states that the accused Mohsin Baig is suffering from diabetes and other ailments. Mohsin Baig was also subjected to the worst torture by the FIA. The FIA and the police have conducted a medical examination of Mohsin Baig at Poly Clinic Hospital.

Hearing of Mohsin Baig Case in High Court Islamabad

The petitioner requested the court to order the provision of medical reports of Mohsin Baig. On the other hand, Chief Justice Athar Minallah of the Islamabad High Court heard the pleas of his wife against the cases and arrest of Mohsin Baig.

During the hearing, the court questioned the petitioner’s counsel Latif Khosa regarding the dismissal of the case and said that petition for termination of FIR can be filed by the accused himself and no third party other than the accused can file such a petition.

Justice Athar Minallah remarked that you will only waste our time, we cannot set a precedent to decide to dismiss the case at the request of a third party. The court further said that we do not know whether Mohsin Baig himself wants to end the FIR or not, we will order that the lawyers be allowed to meet Mohsin Baig.

On the remarks of the Chief Justice, the lawyer of the accused said that people are not being allowed to meet Mohsin Baig and how can they apply? Mohsin Baig was badly beaten and injured. Latif Khosa further disclosed that the Additional Sessions Judge was being intimidated, saying that action would be taken against the District and Sessions Judge. These things are being on TV attributed to the Prime Minister.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah remarked that don’t worry, the judge cannot be intimidated, let them do what they do, the courts are supreme in these matters. Latif Khosa requested the court not to reject the petition of Mohsin Baig’s wife and said that the matter should be kept pending, a separate petition would be filed by Mohsin Baig.

The court remarked regarding the torture of Mohsin Baig that the counsel for the petitioner has raised very serious questions and the IG Islamabad should ensure that Mohsin Baig was treated in accordance with the law. The court granted Mohsin Baig time to file his own petition against the cases and ordered that the lawyers be allowed to meet Mohsin Baig.

The court sought a report from the IG Police on the complaint of torture against Mohsin Baig and adjourned the hearing of petitions against the cases against Mohsin Baig till Monday. It may be recalled that the issue of awarding the best performance award to 10 ministers by the Prime Minister was recently discussed in a program aired on private channel “News One” on which other guests including Mohsin Baig used vulgar words.

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