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Launching of new feature of WhatsApp for the Convenience of Users

Globally popular messaging app WhatsApp owned by Meta has been developing its new community feature for months now and now with the latest beta version of the app we have more details about its feature. WA Beta Info has got a screenshot about WhatsApp communities in IOS version of WhatsApp.

According to this screenshot, in this update users will be able to combine their groups which is you can easily access the groups you run in one place. Messages in all groups at once time mean you can send announcements or messages to members in all groups at once and keep them updated.

Messaging app WhatsApp decided to start another new feature

According to the report, WhatsApp communities will be a great place where group admins will have more control over groups on the platform. In the month of December last year, some more explanations came out about how WhatsApp communities would work. It’s like a group chat right now so nothing like a social network, it’s still a private space between people protected by end-to-end encryption.

You can also a different layout for the community icon in this screenshot; community icons are square with rounded edges to distinguish the community from the group chat. Note that WhatsApp communities are still in the testing stages, so even beta users can’t test it at the moment.

Introducing of Popular Facebook Feature on WhatsApp

According to a report by WhatsApp Beta Info, WhatsApp will soon introduce the Cover Photos option for users using the beta version, which will allow them to add cover photos to their profile. This feature was introduced on social media apps Facebook and Twitter many years ago, but now WhatsApp has started working on it.

However, this feature is currently being introduced for WhatsApp business accounts, which will make it easier for users to showcase their products. As can be seen in the picture, users will be able to go to the camera mark option on the profile and select the picture from the gallery and put it on the cover photo.

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WhatsApp has not announced a final date for the introduction of the feature, but it has been said that users will be able to access the feature in the next few weeks. According to Web Beta Info, a site that monitors every activity of WhatsApp, users will soon have to purchase storage for their WhatsApp chat Backup on Google Drive as an unlimited storage option will not be offered for Android users.

Users will soon not be able to use the Unlimited Backup Option on Google Drive

There are reports that Google is now planning to charge for unlimited backups on WhatsApp. According to reports, under the new feature, WhatsApp users will have to manage their chat backups and will be given an option to prevent some files from being backed up to save space. It should be noted that WhatsApp users are still enjoying unlimited storage backups on Google Driver with the help of which they can make unlimited backups of chats.

WhatsApp which is a globally popular messaging app owned by Meta has decided to introduce another feature for the convenience of users. As per Web Beta Info’s tweet, Global Audio Player can be used to listen to voice notes anywhere in the app. The new feature has been introduced for several IOS beta testers, while the company believes that soon android users will also be able to benefit from the feature.

Sending Photos and Videos to WhatsApp will be much easier

As per reports, WhatsApp users cannot view chat while listening to a voice note as they have to stay in the contact chat or the group. According to the reports, the name of this feature is NEW MEDIA PICKER in which users will be provided 02 options in the gallery of the phone to send their photo or video to someone.

One tab will be RECENT for recent photos or videos while the other will be the GALLERY tab which will contain all the photos and videos on the mobile. This feature will be very easy for users to select the photos or videos they have taken, after which they will be able to send them to another user. This new feature will not be available usually for sending photos or videos between chats, but users will be able to use it when they take photos or videos from the in-app camera.

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