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Impact of Increasing in Prices of Petroleum Products, Increased Inflation Further

Inflation rose 0.22 percent to 18.09 percent in the recent week, according to the Bureau of Statistics. As per the report, prices of 28 essential commodities, including petrol, diesel, garlic, tomatoes, chicken and ghee rose during the week. According to the statistics, garlic became more expensive by Rs.37.76 per kg, tomato by Rs.5.54 per kg and live chicken by Rs.6.21 per kg.

Rising Prices of Petroleum Products have pushed up Inflation

In a week, ghee became expensive by Rs. 3.83 per kg, while mutton, beef, lentils, milk and curd became more expensive. According to the statistics agency report, prices of 11 items declined and prices of 12 Items remained stable in the recent week. Onion became cheaper by 51 paise and potato by 33 paise per kg, 20 kg bag of flour by 03 rupees 12 paise and sugar by 47 paise per kg.

Petrol Will be Cheaper by Management than by Protest

What kind of sovereignty is this? Of the 220 million people who actually own the state, they are poor having limited income.  It is not the heartbeat of living beings that counts, but the numbers. People have to keep their fingers on the calculator and not the pulse. Surely the finance minister will realize that with such a high price of essentials like petrol, all the necessities become expensive. Millions and even crores of compatriots go below the poverty line in the blink of an eye.

You should not be one-sided when petrol prices are skyrocketing. If the state is helpless in the face of global markets and it has to increase petrol prices, then you should give some relief in those areas which are within the control of the state. This is the agreement between the state and the people. Under which you have become the ruler.

Previously, the price of petrol was increased once a year in the budget but now this resurrection is brought down every 15 days. Salary is paid once a month. Gasoline prices twice a month. Every 15 days the people are made to feel that they are nothing but the insects of the earth and the state has its own dominion.

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Everyone who lives in this country is at their own risk. The state has nothing to do with its comfort, pain, psychological, nervous pressure. There is an elite and there is a government. Ther is a mafia and there is a bureaucracy. The president, prime minister, the army chief, judges, generals, secretaries all get millions of litres of petrol at government expense. Billion rupees also go out of the pockets of poor people.

We have never heard of any reduction in their petrol quota. Members of parliament will also enjoy it. That is why no one in parliament has ever discovered the figures for this petrol. On the one hand, these democracies, elections, the military, on the other hand, the so-called opposition, every time the price of petrol goes up, they declare that this increase is rejected, but they buy again at the same increased price. So will these demonstrations be without petrol?

Fear of Rising Prices of Ghee and Flour

Opposition protests do not bring any relief to the people of God. Opposition leaders are all billionaires. Most of them have their own petrol pumps, both petrol and gas. This increase does not say anything to them either.

As a responsible, conscious nation, our economists, intellectuals, analysts, universities, colleges, research institutes, associations of businessmen and industrialists and the media should develop a strategy to reduce the impact of inflation like the developed civilized nations.

We must think alternatively and use our resources. Imran Khan should go, any ruler should come. You will have to import petrol. Fluctuations in global markets have to be taken into account. In view of all these restrictions and conditions, some facilities should be sought for the poor majority. An action plan should be formulated keeping in view the ground realities. The media and the opposition only make a fuss and exaggerate.

Just as many NGOs are providing facilities to the people in the fields of education and health, a foundation, a tourist, a fraternity will have to come to the fore. In the Diamond Jubilee year of Pakistan, millions of Pakistanis will have to set up a huge transport system on a profit or loss basis to commute daily from home to office or factory.

The price of ghee is expected to increase by Rs. 80 per kg while flour mills have also been given the challenge to increase the price of flour. Ghee and flour mill owners informed the government about the increasing prices.  Ghee and Flour Mills Associations said that the increase in petrol and electricity prices has increased the grinding charges and transport charges.

 He said that the prices of palm oil in the whole world market have increased many times, if the duties are not reduced then both the shortage and the price will increase.

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