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Hindu Extremists Make Life Difficult for Hijab Wearing Female Students in Indian State Karnataka

A video has been viral on social media in which showed that saffron-colored wearing extremists are harassing alone female student on way in Indian State Karnataka who is going to college. In this video, it has been shown clearly that a Muslim Hijab-wearing female student has been harassed by the extremist mob by chanting J-Shri Ram.

The girl shouted by chanting “Allah Akbar” confronted them instead of being afraid of the extremist mob. The girl told the Indian media that “I was going to college when some people accused me and said that I could enter the premises of college only taking off my Hijab (burqa) and they were not allowing me to enter in college”.

Muslim Students Wearing Hijab in College Expelled from Classes

On another side, Hijab-wearing female students were not allowed to enter the college due to Hijjab in Indian State Karnataka a few days ago and according to the media reports they were allowed to enter the college after the protest of the students but they were seated in separate classrooms.

The College Administration said that the students would be allowed to come to the class only when they would take off their Hijab and only come in college uniforms. It is true that the wearing of Hijab by female students was banned by the college principal in Karnataka in the last week resulting which female students were protesting outside the college.

Life Become hard in India for Hijab Wearing Female Students

Following the Hijab controversy, the government of Karnataka State has made uniforms mandatory in all universities and colleges. Speaking to Arab Media (Al Jazeera), a female Almas who is a student of an affected group that “one December morning, the teacher did not allow me and my friends to sit in the classroom because of wearing Hijab and since then we have been forced to sit outside the classroom.”

The students told to media that the college administration accused us of violating the rules and regulations by saying that the Hijab was not part of the college uniform so anyone who wore it could not sit in class. The female students further told that the Hijab is part of their faith and it is their right under the law to practice it.

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As per reports, the students have been declared absent from their classes since 31st December 2022, although they say that they are going to college regularly. On the other hand, the college administration forced them to write a letter in which they admitted that they did not come to the classes voluntarily.

Another student Muskkan told that we tried to refuse to write the letter but the principal and teachers threatened us that it would ruin our careers and after that, all the tactics of the administration remained in vain. She further said that it is not good to be out of class all day, our teachers and friends taunt us and ask what is wrong with us taking off our Hijab.

Madhya Pradesh Education Minister Inder Singh Supported of Extremists

The issue of the ban on Hijab spread from the Indian State of Karnataka to the city of Puducherry in Madhya Pradesh where Hijab-Wearing female students were barred from entering schools. The Puducherry Directorate of School Education has ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The Minister of State for education Mr. Inder Singh, while opposing the Hijab of Muslim female students said that Hijab is not a part of the uniform and therefore wearing of Hijab in schools should be banned. He said that traditions may be followed living at home but not at school.

Allah Akbar’s Slogan of Muskkan Infuriates Boys: Karnataka Education Minister

Talking to the media, Minister BC Nagesh said that the boys wearing saffron-colored mufflers did not want to surround the Muslim student Muskkan but when she raised the slogan of Allah Akbar they got angry. He said that she provoked the boys wearing saffron-colored mufflers with her slogan otherwise she would not have had a single student there.

BC Nagesh said that slogans of “Allah Akbar” or “Jay Shri Ram” could not be encouraged on the campus and why provoked the people there? It is to be noted that a girl wearing a Hajjab was harassed by Hindu Extremists on her way to college, which she resisted in Karnataka. 

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