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Granted Permission to Amir Liaqat for 04th Wedding by Syeda Dania Shah

The leader Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Member of National Assembly (MNA) and also host Ramzan Show at Geo TV Mr. Amir Liaqat Hussain got marriage for the third time along with 18 years old girl in the last few days and this news spread like wildlife on the social media.

Announcing his 03rd marriage by sharing a beautiful wedding picture with his third wife on his social media account he told that he got engaged to 18 years old girl Syeda Dania Shah who belongs to the Sadat Family of Lodhran is situated in south Punjab.

Mr. Amir Liaqat Married 18 Year Old Girl Third Time

Dania Shah further told that because it is not my right to stop him from marrying more and it is his choice whether to do it or not if I give them life, they will stay with me and if I do not, they will marry more.

Mr. Amir Liaqat had declared his third wedding with Syeda Dania Shah on 10th February 2022 by sharing messages on social media although he is already married. He had given divorce to his first wife Syeda Bushra Iqbal but his 02nd wife Syeda Tobia Anwar had confirmed his divorce on 09th February 2022.

Third wife Granted Permission to Amir Liaqat to 04th Wedding

Further, Mr. Amir Liaqat told that his newly 03rd bridle is Saraiki, charming, very simple, and lovely and requested to his well-wishers to pray for them and also said that he has just gone through a dark period of life which is very difficult for him.

It should be noted that his 02nd wife Tobia Anwar had confirmed her divorce from Mr. Amir Liaqat a few days ago and just after the divorce he announced his 03rd wedding.

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Detail of Mr. Amir Liaqat’s Ex-Wives of Amir Liaqat 

Moreover, the leader of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf Mr. Amir Liaqat got marriage to Syeda Tobia in 2008 which was his second wife and his first wife Syeda Bushra Iqbal had shared information on her Instagram post in December 2020 that she was divorced by her ex-husband and Dr. Amir Liaqat had given him a divorce on a phone call due to Tobia Anwar which is his 02nd wife.

The second wife of Mr. Amir Liaqat, surprised everyone by tweeting about her relationship as she confirmed her separation from Mr. Amir Liaqat. She wrote in her message that her close relatives and friends are well aware of her divorce which has been taken from Mr. Amir Liaqat  14 Months ago after which there was no sign of reconciliation.

Who Running the Expenses of Ex-Wives of Amir Liaqat

 Mr. Amir Liaqat recently joined You Tuber Nadir Ali’s podcast along with his third wife where he share some aspects of his life that had not been discussed before. He was asked in the podcast, who is managing the expenses of his ex-wives in which answer he said that does not tell the story of one side but no anyone knows about his story completely.

He briefed in detail that taught his children and he also face all their expenses such he said that the house in which his first ex-wife Bushra Iqbal and their children live is worth about 80 million and this house took them by him besides he also has given his first home to their children which is worth is 20 million and they are receiving of its rent.

Telling about his children, he said that his children have performed 05 Hajj and my first wife also has performed five Hajj and when he was married to Bushra Iqbal then she was completed B.Com and she was want to continue her study to get M.Com degree so he took care of his 06-month-old son named Ahmad and she was gone to study.

He said that he play a vital role in the admission of his wife to pursue a Ph.D. in Islamic studies but today it is not mentioned anywhere in his story.

 The reaction of Amir Liaqat’d Dauther on His 03rd Marriage

Dua Amir who is the daughter of Mr. Amir Liaqat requested people by sharing messages on Instagram to stop mentioning comments about her family because this account is for her artwork only. It is sure that Mr. Amir Liaqat has two children in which one son Ahmad and one daughter Dua from his first wife Bushra Iqbal and his children live with their mother.

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